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Arming The Rebels of The Future

If you take a step back and analyze how Shopify has managed to compete with Amazon, I think we can get a glimpse into the evolution of on-demand businesses.

  • Consumers are optimizing for a combination of price, speed, and convenience, and quality of service.

The Modern Franchise

A couple of months ago, we saw one of the first companies emerge to tackle this called: Dumpling. Dumpling is a Seattle-based startup that offers a platform to help individuals run their own grocery delivery business and cultivate personal relationships with clients. Dumpling raised $3M from Floodgate and Fuel Capital earlier this year.

Dumpling Storefront
  • Set your prices and don’t worry about them changing.
  • Keep 100% of your tips. Period.
  • Schedule your deliveries ahead of time and plan your day (and your life) accordingly!
  • Work with the customers you want to work with. You’re never forced to take an order.
  • Delight your customers, get repeat business. Benefit from your hard work.

The Ghost Franchise

We are seeing an interesting shift in the ‘winner-take-all’ mentality of incumbents today. The micro-mobility industry, for example, has been flooded with competitors over the past few years. Each incumbent has taken a different approach, but I think Bird has taken the smartest (and most unique) approach.

Bird Platform

Removing The Gatekeepers

One of the promises of the internet is that anyone should be able to monetize their skills and time. As consumers, we should be supporting these independent business owners. Platforms that are built around empowering their supply base to compete with incumbents will flourish in the next wave of internet companies.

VC @ludlowventures. cautiously optimistic. previously at Google, Nest, and SpaceX.

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